Mister minister - I´m a spy!


Photo: Not me - just FYI

I was going through some old stuff today, and found this song that I wrote many years ago, and which NRK Rogaland were kind enough to let me record in their studio.

I am not allowed to sell this particular recording, I can only use it for demo purposes, but I might re-record and include Mister minister on the jazz album I am been planning to make some day.

Here are the track and the lyrics, hope they make you smile - and if you are a minister: think twice before you let a woman come too close!

Mister minister

Lyrics and music ©  1996 Susi Varming

 for weeks and weeks i have slept by your side

copied every document you thought you could hide

i'm so cool you're so easy to fool

with the clothes that i wear with the things that i say

now my mission's completed i am going away

mister minister i'm a spy

and you can kiss your secrets goodbye

in my career i never knew

any minister as simple minded as you


take a look around your home

cameras and microphones

they're everywhere but you can't see them there

you just talk you explain you do everything for me

and there seem to be no limits to how blind you can be

mister minister i'm a spy..

mister minister your mistress is a spy...

the game is over the time has come

the game is lost and the game is won

your lips are sealed concerning me

i have got some photographs

the press would like to see