Susi Varming Biography


Susi Varming was born and raised in Longyearbyen, Spitzbergen, Svalbard. She started playing the guitar as a child, and at the age of 12 did her first public performance at the local community house "Huset" in Longyearbyen.
Soon after that, she started writing songs, some more performances followed, the success of playing the Russian song "Uvezu Tebya Ya V Tundru" in Barentsburg, Spitzbergen, with a full band and for mind-blewn russian audience, without doubt gave her a taste of what the thrill of live performance can be like. An appearance in a major Norwegian TV show (see video here) followed, and consequently, at the age of 13, she performed the Norwegian folk song "Vi ska ikkje sova bort sumarnatta" at a concert in Hamburg, Germany for an audience of 1500 people, together with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra...
...after which she turned down the request from a major German TV station to perform that same song on their channel the day after. She had had it with the show-biz-life, and just wanted was to get back home to her "normal" life in Spiztbergen.


Through the years, though music has never been her full-time job, Susi Varming has released the singles "Who Are You" (1996) and "Yes we can" (2010)" and the albums "Barefoot in the snow" (2001) and "Undressed "(2009).


Susi has played at a large number of concerts and festivals; Kongsberg jazzfestival, Egersund visefestival, Dalane bluesfestival, Polar-jazz (Longyearbyen), Natt-urspillene. She has been on stage with celebrities like Ola Kvernberg Trio, Funk Fiction, members of Helldorado, Flying Shoes and various other artists and bands. She has also done warm-ups for Beth Hart, Hanne Boel, Lars Lillo Stenberg, Knut Reiersrud, Annbjørg Lien, Briskeby and Rita Eriksen.


In 2008 Susi translated "All my tears" (written by Julie miller) into Norwegian for Rita Eriksen's album "Hjerteslag".

In 2009, she translated the Norwegian hit song "Har en drøm" (Originally performed by Jørn Hoel, music by Svein Gundersn, lyrics byTrygve Hoff) into English, Spanish, French, German and Greek, and recorded acoustic versions of the song in the five languages. These recordings were released as the "B-side" of the single "Yes we can", but there are further plans for them and many other projects in the future.


"When you have logged off and want to get seduced."

​- Sissel Benneche Osvold, Dagbladet​

"An album packed with Susi's good own songs."

- Egil Trøa, Backstage​​

"And she really can sing!"

- Rogalands Avis​

"Great voice!"

- Rogalands Avis