Susi Varming


When I was 12 they bought me a guitar. I have been writing songs about ever since. Or capturing songs, I guess I should say. Since they are just suddenly there. The songs. In my head. It can be something someone says or does. Or something that happens. Or something or someone I see...

If I capture the idea, by writing down some lyrics, or sit down with my guitar and play around for a while, I have a new song. If I let it go, it´s gone. Forever, with no chance of ever getting it back. 

It´s kind of a pain sometimes. It´s impossible to capture every idea, or I could do nothing but writing and playing new songs all the time. And that kind of life has driven many a poor soul insane through the millenniums, we all know that. I´m not going down that long and lonesome road. That means a lot of ideas have to die as they are born. And the problem is always this: Which ones should live and which ones should die? 

Here are some of the survivors;)

Love Susi